The new way to recharge electric vehicles

about DazePlug

One of the greatest obstacle to the spread of electric vehicles is the manual connection and disconnection of the charging cable.

It has to be moved manually, it is bulky, awkward, unsightly and sometimes dangerous, and you can forget to connect the cable, making useless the electric vehicle. Dazeplug solves the series of problems mentioned above, by automating the charging process.
Every human contribution to the charging activity of the vehicle is deleted.

dazeplug’s features


You avoid both manual handling of dirty and heavy cable and risk of forgetting to connect your vehicle


It competes in terms of costs with inductive charging. Dazeplug doesn’t need huge quantity of copper for the energy transfer


Charging with up to 7.2 Kw to reduce charge duration, it is upgradable to 44kW soon and to 150kW in the future


The connection with DazePlug allows to minimize electrical losses in comparison to high waste of energy of inductive charging


DazePlug fits to every electric vehicle. The installation takes a trained technician about 2 hours. You only have to place it in your garage


DazePlug is waterproof and dustproof thanks to its covering frame. It includes a protection system assuring 100% charging security


  • DazePlug has to be placed on the floor of a garage
  • When the car is parked, DazePlug recognizes it thanks to its sensors
  • DazePlug searches automatically for the socket installed under the vehicle, in his high range of mobility
  • When the connection is done, the charging process starts
  • After the charging process is done, DazePlug comes back to its stand-by position
  • The car is ready to go

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