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Giacomo Zenoni and Andrea Daminelli, DazePlug project’s team leader, won first award of Start Cup Bergamo 2016. What are your feelings when your name was announced? “We were so happy, it was a great feeling because with this award we have seen paid off our efforts.  It’s been very important having  the appreciation of jury”.

Now how will you carry on your entrepreneurship path? “We want to keep going, we have already started some partnership with car manufacturers because we want arrive at the end of this project. We are taking part to Start Cup Lombardia and there is great enthusiasm and energy for the future!”

What did Start Cup’s path stand for you? “It was the start for everything, all people we have known, the experiences we have lived, learning and developement are born thanks to Start Cup. The most important things is the big network created thanks to all people we have met. We have been in Abruzzo and in Genova, we have many appointments to do, we are always all around! Everything is born here and we thanks so much Start Cup Team for the opportunity they gave us”.

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